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Safer Driving.

New drivers and experienced drivers alike may benefit from viewing a clear picture of their driving behaviour. Occasionally any driver may drive a bit too fast or brake too harshly, but without seeing a complete overview it’s not always obvious where modifications should be made.

Mi’s journey maps and driving scores allow drivers to see where improvements to their behaviour can achieve safer driving. Mi works with you, offering tips and guidance, to help you become a better driver – making our roads safer for all users.


fuel efficient

Fuel Efficiency.

Smoother driving is generally safer as it avoids sharp acceleration and harsh braking. The added benefit of smooth driving is that it increases fuel efficiency, saving you money.

Mi flags up events in your journeys which may have caused your driving behaviour to be less smooth than it could be and provides you practical tips and techniques to achieve a more even driving style - potentially making your fuel last longer and saving you money at the fuel pump.

lower premiums

Discounted Insurance Premiums.

Mi collects all your driving data, creating a fully rounded picture of your driving style and proficiency. This data is your own personal driving record and can be used to demonstrate to our specially selected insurance partners that you are a safe driver.

Safe driving means possible discounts against premiums. Collecting Mi data puts you in the driving seat to a quote based on achieving a score of 75 or more, potentially saving money on your car insurance at policy renewal time.


offers rewards

Mi Partners.

Mi has partnered up with some great brands which will give special offers, benefits and discounts to Mi customers.

We’re adding new partners all the time, adding extra value to your Mi.

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Maximise your data for cheaper insurance.

The information you have already given us is invaluable. Because, with a little more information, we may be able to help you secure discounted insurance on range of insurance products.

Our insurance partners will also be able to provide quotes on home, gadget, life and other insurance products, this will be available soon, but remember none of your driving data will be available to any insurance company.

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document store

Document Store.

Mi’s document store area of your personal dashboard gives you an instantly accessible online portfolio of all motor related documents and details.

From insurance documents and your driving licence to your MOT date and car registration forms, everything can be stored in our convenient online folder. All your papers, always to hand, wherever you are.

plot progress

Plot your progress.

The Mi dashboard provides a complete record of every journey that you record.

As you improve your scores will reflect your progress and you’ll be eligible for awards, as well as achieving a sense of satisfaction that you’re getting better and better.


Compare with your Friends.

Create Mi ‘Buddies’ and see how your scores compare to your friends. Mi gives you the chance to earn awards for safely achieving various aspects of driving. Can you get them all before your friends?


Keeping you moving.

Mi collects data in real time.

The Mi dashboard lets you monitor your regular journeys so you can work out the shortest, quickest or most fuel efficient routes.


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